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Digital Futures -seminaari


10.10.2019 at 9.30 - 13.00
Digitalisaatio ja digitaalisuus muuttavat yhteiskuntaa paitsi luomalla uusia mahdollisuuksia myös tuhoamalla olemassa olevia rakenteita ja toimintamalleja. Digital Futures, yksi Turun yliopiston tutkimuksen temaattisista kokonaisuuksista, järjestää 10.10.2019 monitieteisen seminaarin, jonka teemana...

Life Science Live


15.5.2019 at 9.00 - 16.5.2019 at 18.00
Life Science Live 2019 is an international event that brings together professionals from science and business in the fields of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and healthcare. The main theme for the 2019 event is artificial intelligence and its applications in, for instance, healthcare, pharmaceutical...

CSC's Cloud Services


17.1.2019 at 12.00 - 15.30
This workshop gives you a practical introduction for using CSC's cloud services: Pouta & Rahti. Pouta Cloud services are our Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) offering based on OpenStack, while Rahti Container cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering based on OpenShift (RedHat’s...

Google Cloud in Research


9.1.2019 at 9.00 - 12.00
Brian Gibson, head of Higher Education & Research at Google Cloud for Europe, will be giving an introduction to the Google Cloud Platform and present some use cases from other research institutes. - Introduction to Google Cloud Platform - Academic Research with Google Cloud Platform - Big Data,...