Accelerating the green transition in Europe through foresight


Finland Futures Research Centre at Turku School of Economics is a partner in the new Erasmus+-project Strategic Foresight for Sustainability (SF4S). The consortium consists of 18 partners across six European countries and includes institutions for higher education and vocational training, as well as industry partners. FFRC hosted the international consortium at TSE March 9th-10th 2023.

Strategic Foresight for Sustainability (SF4S) supports the transition to a more sustainable European economy by addressing green and digital opportunities enabled by sustainability foresight and futures skills. The collaborative action funded by the Erasmus+ programme connects Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers, innovation networks and business entities from the Agri-food, Health and Mobility sectors. The industry partners span from Estonian ice cream chain La Muu over the Turku-based venture fund Nordic Foodtech VC to global mobility giants Airbus and Lufthansa.

Finland Futures Research Centre is a key partner in the project. For the work package led by FFRC, more than 130 stakeholder interviews has been conducted stakeholders and experts in foresight, sustainability, and digitalisation. The interviews highlight challenges and opportunities for the green transition within the three target sectors. The findings feed into sectoral industry co-development projects as well as the development of new education courses for both students and industry practitioners.

SF4S consortium partners at Turku School of Economics.
SF4S consortium partners at Turku School of Economics.

FFRC hosted the SF4S consortium at Turku School of Economics March 9th-10th 2023. In the margins of the meeting, the consortium also hosted its first public webinar with more than 140 registered participants. Professor of Futures Studies, Toni Ahlqvist, introduced the interested participants to the first results of the project.

Strategic Foresight for Sustainability started July 2022 and runs until June 2025.

Created 05.04.2023 | Updated 05.04.2023