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Application for International Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes Opens 5 January – Three New Master’s Programmes Offered


The University of Turku has a total of 16 international degree programmes open for applications during the joint application round on 5–19 January 2022. Three of the 14 Master’s degree programmes are available for the first time, offered by the new Faculty of Technology.

The University of Turku offers 2 Bachelor’s degree programmes and 14 Master’s degree programmes during the joint application round on 5–19 January 2022. The studies start in late August 2022. In the Finnish joint application procedure, the applicant can apply with a single application form to a maximum of six different study programmes offered by Finnish institutions of higher education. A maximum of three of the six programmes can be offered by the University of Turku.

The Bachelor’s degree programmes of the Department of Teacher Education (Rauma campus) are open for applications every other year. The Early Childhood Teacher Education programme is three years in length, giving the graduates qualification to work as early childhood teachers in Finland. The Degree Programme in Primary Teacher Education includes three years in Rauma and two years in Turku, and the graduates are qualified to work as primary school teachers in Finland.

The Master’s degree programmes are offered by almost all faculties of the University. The programmes cover the fields of economics and business administration, education, health and biomedical sciences, technology and engineering, natural sciences, and social sciences.

New Master’s programmes in the Faculty of Technology

The University of Turku offers three new Master’s programmes: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Health Technology. They are located in the new Faculty of Technology that started operating in the beginning of 2021.

The Health Technology programme was previously a track of the Information and Communication Technology programme, but now as its own programme it responds better to the needs of students and industry. The programme focuses on the measurement and analysis of medical data, as well as machine learning technologies and their use in health technology solutions.

The new engineering programmes equip students with a solid theoretical and practical expertise with six specialization tracks: Digital Design, Digital Manufacturing, Smart Systems in the Mechanical Engineering programme, and Health Technology Materials, Materials of Energy Technology and Modern Industrial Materials in the Materials Engineering programme.

Head of Admission Services of the University of Turku Mari Kähkönen tells that the new international programmes complement the multidisciplinary offering of the University.

– The technology field needs more experts both in Finland and globally, and our new Master's degree programmes equip students with excellent skills to work as an expert in various positions in the field. The new Faculty of Technology supports the University’s goal of building a more sustainable future through multidisciplinary research and education. At the same time, the new programme offering corresponds to the general goal of the University, and Finland, to increase the number of international talents in Finland.

Created 03.01.2022 | Updated 03.01.2022