Basics of Research Data Management (BRDM) - Course for New Researchers and Post-Docs


Basics of Research Data Management (BRDM) is a 3 ECTS course that covers key aspects of research data management, and aims to give you a solid foundation in responsible data management (including open science). Enrolment is now open and the course will begin in February 2024.  

During the course you will learn the basics of responsible management of data in various research contexts and how to create a data management plan (DMP) for your own research based on the input researchers, lawyers/IPR specialists, grant writer, data protection officer, the library’s research data specialists, and ICT specialists. 
The course has four tracks for you to choose from:

  • Natural sciences
  • Health sciences
  • Qualitative research
  • Survey research 

The course is taught in English. More information on registration, learning outcomes, methods, and exact dates are available in the course description.

Please note that doctoral researchers must register with their Doctoral degree study right (further information in the university’s intranet). Those who are admitted to the course will receive instructions about this in the course’s welcome letter.

Post-Doc researchers and university staff members should use this form in Webropol to register for the course. University staff members enrolled in the course will not receive course credits, so there is no limit in the number of participants for them. 

Application period: 24.11.2023–12.1.2024

The number of participants is limited, and if necessary, the places will be drawn by lottery among those registered. The course is jointly organised by specialists from Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku. For further information, please contact  

Some feedback from prior course participants:

”The most rewarding two things for me were learning how to actually make a DMP, and also, how to operate Nvivo.”

“I think this course should be compulsory to all PhD students and postdocs who have not done the course yet. The course covers topics that researchers in the humanities should know, but somehow I feel like many think that considerations regarding data are not relevant to humanists.”

“Overall, my skills and knowledge increased during the course and I do feel more competent and confident to continue with my research. The course covers all the necessary issues regarding a data management plan and provides good material and resources to use also in the future.”

“Overall the course was excellent.”

Created 27.11.2023 | Updated 27.11.2023