Data Management Plan is Required for Academy of Finland Funding – Data Specialists at the University of Turku Help the Researcher


Data management plan (DMP) is a requirement for the payment of funding granted by the Academy of Finland in September 2022 call. According to Academy of Finland the researcher who has received a positive funding decision must submit a data management plan within eight weeks of the funding decision. The data specialists at the University of Turku help the researcher in writing the plan.

University of Turku process after positive funding decision

Once the decisions of the Academy of Finland September 2022 call have been published, the University’s data specialists will contact the researchers who have received a positive funding decision and give instructions and guidance about the process of writing the data management plan and its approval. The responsible Head of the Project (i.e. researcher) should send the DMP draft to the University's research service support team at for comments within three weeks after receiving the positive funding decision. Academy of Finland recommends to use the DMPTuuli tool to write the plan. According to good practice the responsible head of project should send the DMP also to the site of research (usually the head or director of department) well in advance before the deadline so the site of research can commit to ensure the obligations emerging from the DMP.

Specialists from the University library, Research Development, Digital and Legal Services help the researcher to write the plan. Once the researcher and the research service support team have completed the DMP, the researcher sends it to

  1. and
  2. to controller-team at
  3. and submits the data management plan to SARA-system

From SARA-system the information about the submitted, new DMP goes to the head of department or director. He/she/they will approve the DMP in the online service SARA in connection with applicant approval.

In addition to DMP review and commenting service, also voluntary DMP workshops can be arranged. In workshops researchers can discuss issues concerning data management plan with data specialists.

Further information and guidance on how to write a data management plan

Created 05.04.2023 | Updated 05.04.2023