E-books for students, teachers and researchers - get your e-book guide!


Turku University Library has an extensive collection of e-books, both individually purchased and in large book packages. In the Library's Guide to E-books, you can find instructions on loan periods, downloading, e-book databases and using e-books as course books for teaching.

The e-books are available to University of Turku staff and students by logging in to the Volter database with your utu username, either online or remotely on your home computer. Most of the e-books do not require any separate software or login to the service provider itself. Some e-books can only be read by one person at a time, while others can be read by an unlimited number of people at the same time. This is influenced, among other things, by publisher restrictions, availability of material and price. As e-books may not always be found, opened or work, the guide also provides instructions and contact details for dealing with these problems.

The e-book databaselist includes InfoSci, Wiley and, for example, Elgraonline, which gives you access to around 36 000 e-books from a wide range of disciplines.

The e-books for teachers’ page provide guidance on the selection and use of e-course books. The teacher does not need to know, for example, the number of concurrent users. The library will work this out from the information in the course book acquisition request. The guide also includes linking instructions for course materials on Volter.

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Created 25.10.2023 | Updated 25.10.2023