Ethnologue collects information about the languages of the world


Ethnologue is a diverse database of world languages. With it, you can search for information on more than 7000 languages currently in use around the world.

The database provides information about different countries and their languages in compact packages, enriched by maps, graphics and statistics. The descriptions of the languages show e.g. in what language group a particular language belongs, whether it has dialects, or whether it is a dominant language or a threatened language, and what is the status of the language in its area.

Some themes have also been compiled into separate guides in the database. Among others their topics include the most spoken and endangered languages, and the distribution of languages by region.

You can access Ethnologue by logging in to Volter as well as through the library’s database list.

Created 21.02.2022 | Updated 21.02.2022