Events at the Library for the On My Mind Week


At the beginning of October, the On My Mind project will hold a week of events on 4-10 October. The library is also participating in the week with several events. The student-led project is carried out by the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) and the University of Turku. The aim of the project is to promote low-threshold, early access to mental health support services; break down prejudices and stigmas to do with mental health; and share good practices that promote the well-being of students' mental health.

Website for the On My Mind project.

Find support for your studies and everyday life

  • Visit the university’s health and wellbeing services’ pop-ups at the Educarium library on Mon-Fri at 11.00-13.00
  • Care Dogs are visiting the university in front of the Feeniks library on Monday at 13.00-14.00 and on Wednesday at 12.00-13.00. Come and say hello to the furry canine companions! If the weather is bad, the visit will be held in the lobby of the library.
  • Get to know the different study areas available in the library thru the info-tv’s. Are you able to find spaces that would support your studies?

Participate in sharing cheerful vibes

Find what cheers you up

  • Find cheerful messages in course books. The messages are written by fellow students and other library patrons.
  • Come and see cheerful posters on display at the Educarium library. The posters are from 1930-1950’s, so it will also be a bit of a time warp!
  • Browse health and wellbeing books in Teutori and Educarium libraries. The books in the book carts can be read at the library, but they can also be borrowed.
  • Relax with a puzzle in Educarium and Feeniks libraries.
  • Browse health and wellbeing workbooks at the Newspaper and Ephemera Services in Raisio.


Created 04.10.2021 | Updated 04.10.2021