First ever Japan-Finland Neonatal Joint Seminar held in Turku 8-11 August


The theme of the seminar is “Can family-centered neonatal care save hospital costs and improve later outcomes?” The seminar is organized by the University of Turku and University of Turku Hospital and Nagano Children's Hospital in Japan is also involved in the seminar.

Three neonatologists and four nurses working at Nagano Children's Hospital NICU and over 10 participants from Finland are attending the seminar.

The main topic of the seminar is "Family Centered Care" in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs). In other words, how to integrate parents into the NICU care and treatment and how effective this practice is for babies, parents, and medical professionals.

The seminar is supported and Funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the Academy of Finland.

Objectives of the joint seminar are:

  1. To understand the concept of “Family Centered Care”
  2. To review some clinical studies on Family Centered Care
  3. To compare the NICU care between Japan and Finland
  4. To discuss the future plan in Japan regarding Family Centered Care

> Programme of the seminar

Created 09.08.2022 | Updated 10.08.2022