Insights for AM Adoption: A Comprehensive Handbook Released


The Centre for Collaborative Research CCR at the University of Turku has concluded its contribution to the DREAMS (Database for Radically Enhancing Additive Manufacturing and Standardization) project.

A key outcome of the project is a practical handbook, synthesized from prior research and qualitative interview data. Designed to assist organizations in adopting AM, the handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the early-stage adoption process, offering essential insights tailored for managers and experts.

You can access and download the Handbook of Additive Manufacturing (AM) adoption here.

At its core, the handbook underscores the significance of collaboration, ongoing learning, and strategic decision-making throughout the adoption process. It emphasizes the crucial role of identifying AM champions and fostering an environment conducive to learning through trial and error.

The handbook presents two general AM implementation frameworks and outlines an early-stage adoption framework, emphasizing the importance of understanding the technology and embracing continuous learning. Real-life case examples illustrate various adoption scenarios, from machinery replacement to prototyping and internal startup ventures.

Furthermore, the handbook offers actionable advice and best practices sourced from AM service providers, AM adopting companies, and scholarly literature. Covering both bottom-up and top-down approaches, it equips organizations with the holistic understanding necessary to navigate the AM adoption terrain successfully.

Running from September 2021 to February 2024, the project was funded by members of the DREAMS consortium and Business Finland.

Created 14.03.2024 | Updated 18.03.2024