Invitation: international business seminar on the future of work


The COSMO-project coordinated by the International Business faculty invites you to an open seminar on the future of work.

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Welcome to COSMO research seminar on the future of work!

The aging population and decreasing demographic development are making the attraction of global labor force one of the key questions of long-term survival for the Finnish society but also to the rest of European countries. The global race for talent has been ongoing for years but it has expanded from well-educated elites to blue-collar employees. At the same time, one of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the drastic change in the mobility and location of work. Although in the future a growing number of meetings and negotiations will take place online, global mobility of individuals will continue. Voluntarily mobile individuals will search for meaningful and flexible work, which will provide them not only sufficient income but also the ability to strive for personal goals. The futures of mobile work and migration, and especially understanding the varieties of feedbacks and repercussions these could have on local, regional and national policies and economies, make the questions of multi-local mobile work an important topic of future research.  

In the multidisciplinary research project Cosmopolitan life, identity and future of work (funded by the Academy of Finland) researchers study global mobility and future of work from various perspectives. This research seminar introduces two ongoing studies related to futures studies and labour law:

Laura Pouru-Mikkola: Discourses of future of work in the Finnish media

Annika Rosin: Cross-border telework and the applicable labour law

The seminar will be held at the Turku School of Economics in lecture room 07 on March 30th at 14.30-16.00. It is also possible to follow the seminar online, in order to obtain a Zoom link, please send an e-mail to Jani Mäkelä (

On behalf of the COSMO team,

Niina Nummela

Created 27.02.2023 | Updated 27.02.2023