Knovel Academic – Reliable Information on Brewing Beer


Knovel Academic, purchased for use by all in the academia, is a technical information service that includes over 4000 e-books, articles, conference publications and information from other important sources of technology. Even the process of brewing beer opens up in a whole new way with Knovel, whether it be malt or a beer tank.

Knovel's themes include biochemistry, biotechnology, information technology and software technology, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, sustainable energy and many other familiar disciplines. In Knovel, you can also search for material properties, customize different graphics and data: you can also practice equations in Knovel.

You can use Knovel with your utu-account; by registering in the database you can also store books and make entries in your folder. The Knovel LibGuide guide explains how you can use the database for studying technology, teaching and research.

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You can also contact the library experts at the e-mail address

Created 02.05.2023 | Updated 02.05.2023