Libguides is now utuguides - domain and appearance


The functionality of the Libguides platform of the library will be enhanced and clarified. Also the ResearchGuides web pages will be renewed according to the graphic directions of the University of Turku during the spring 2019.

​The renovation has already begun: first change was in the domain of the LibGuides platform; it is now

The old address is operable for the moment but it is good to update the new address already in the teaching materials and other places accordingly. Remember also to change your bookmarks to the new address!

Please notice, that the web pages using the same platform, such as Electronic Exams and UTUThesis, are in future and

The library service pages will be renewed altogether during the spring when the library also willl publish their new web pages.


Created 27.02.2019 | Updated 27.02.2019