Librarian’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence to Support Study and Research


Turku University Library has published an artificial intelligence guide. The guide addresses, among other things, the responsible use of artificial intelligence as a support for academic study and research, for example in information retrieval, summary preparation, writing, and analysis of research publications.

The guide emphasizes the use of artificial intelligence as a tool for academic work, not as a replacement. Artificial intelligence can, for example, help to quickly access information relevant to one's topic and produce smoother text. It is important for the user of artificial intelligence to check the reliability of content produced with the help of applications. The user is also responsible for the accuracy of the text created with artificial intelligence and for properly citing the original sources. University of Turku also has a guideline on artificial intelligence in teaching and studying.

Explore the University of Turku University Library's artificial intelligence guide and provide the library tips on what could be added to the guide.

Created 09.10.2023 | Updated 09.10.2023