Matti Karinen on a research visit in Croatia


Doctoral researcher Matti Karinen started his research visit at UNIOS and CEPOR in Croatia this August. Matti’s research visit is a continuation of a long-standing relationship between the entrepreneurship unit at Turku School of Economics and Professor Emerita Slavica Singer at the University of Osijek and the independent Zagreb based research institute CEPOR.

CEPOR is the Croatian SME and Entrepreneurship Policy Centre, a research-led think tank located at the institute of Economics in Zagreb Croatia and headed by Dr. Sc. Mirela Alpeza. CEPOR conducts and disseminates research on SMEs and entrepreneurship in Croatia, while also providing input for policy development as well as advocating around SME and entrepreneurship issues. CEPOR is also the domestic partner for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

At the University of Osijek Matti is affiliated with the International inter-university Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (ICES) and its doctoral programme. ICES is a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship focused program in Europe devoted to interdisciplinary research with entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behaviour at its heart.

While in Croatia, Matti will continue working on his doctoral project exploring legitimacy dynamics in sustainable Palm Oil. In addition, Matti will participate in seminars, experience sharing as well as research and program collaboration.

Matti Karinen Zagrebissa

During his research visit, Matti will chronicle events and activities alongside other topics on his new UTU blog “About those palms”:

Created 26.09.2022 | Updated 26.09.2022