New CCR Insights publication series on topical research themes


Insights is CCR’s publication series about topical business, economy and society-related themes. Reviews are compact discussion papers and debates relevant to CCR’s current and coming research topics.

CCR Insights 3/2022 discusses the prospects of digital transformation in the construction industry

This report looks into the current situation in the construction industry and provides an analysis of the prospects of digital transformation. The construction industry has lagged behind in the field of digitalisation, with most construction companies still struggling with the early steps of this process. Here, we examine the realities construction site managers, whom we identify as important players in digital transformation, face in their daily work.
Download CCR Insight 3/2022 here.

CCR Insights 2/2022 discusses the future of a fair data-economy in Europe

Data is expected to bring opportunities and economic growth, but at the same time, ethical and security concerns are being raised. There is a need for a fair data economy that produces benefits for all stakeholders in society. This review discusses European companies’ views on data economy participation. The Insight also includes perspectives on the challenges that a data economy poses.
Download CCR Insight 2/2022 here.

CCR Insights 1/2022 discusses container terminal operator perspectives on Port 4.0 development and visions

Terminal operators are among the key stakeholder groups in ports. Thus, Port 4.0 development is to a large extent dependent on how the terminal operators contribute to the adoption of Port 4.0 objectives in port communities. This review discusses terminal operator views to digitalization priorities, to Port 4.0 concept meanings and to operators’ role in multi-stakeholder port communities. Insight also includes a compact summary of COVID-19 impacts on digitalization and automation investments.
Download CCR Insight 1/2022 here.

Created 05.12.2022 | Updated 09.12.2022