New Volter Changes Also the Login System And the PIN Codes


Turku University Library updates its library system. After the update, customers can login to Volter with utu User ID and the PIN code is needed only in self-service machines.

Logging in to Volter 

After the update, customers can login to Volter with their UTU user ID (Haka-login) and you do not have to remember the library card number anymore. 

If you do not have the UTU user ID, you will use the library card number and the separate password. 

  •  the old PIN codes will no longer work in the new Volter database
  • you will login to Volter in the future by using the password witch you can define yourself 
  • you will receive instructions for setting a new password via email. 

PIN code for self-service machines

You should create a new PIN code at the start of 2020 as the old code will no longer work on check-out machines. You can create a new PIN code in your personal details page in the new Volter database. The new PIN-code is a four-digit figure.

The use of library self-service machines still requires separate PIN code.


Created 20.11.2019 | Updated 26.11.2019