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Number of Applications for International Master’s Degree Programmes of the University of Turku Continued to Increase


The most popular programmes were Global Innovation Management, Biomedical Sciences, Digital Health and Life Sciences, as well as Information Security and Cryptography that received 725 applications in total. All in all, the international Master’s degree programmes received 1,376 applications from 94 countries, as the number of applications in the previous year was 1,116.

In the joint application round for the international Master’s degree programmes, the applicants could apply to a maximum of three programmes of the University of Turku, and there were altogether 1,146 individual applicants. 67 percent of the applicants come from non-EU/EEA countries, the most from Pakistan (100), Bangladesh (97), Nigeria (70), India (66), Iran (61), and Ghana (59). Most applications from within the EU and EEA countries came from Finland (185).

Similar to the previous year, there were 13 Master’s degree programmes open for application at the University of Turku. The largest number of applications, altogether 725, were received by Global Innovation Management, Biomedical Sciences, Digital Health and Life Sciences, and Information Security and Cryptography programmes. The same programmes have been among the most popular ones already during the two previous years.

In contrast to the other international Master’s degree programmes, the application period for the Master's Degree Programme in Software Engineering of the University of Turku beginning in Namibia in the autumn ends at the end of March, and its number of applicants is not included in the aforementioned figures.

According to Head of Admission Services Mari Kähkönen, the number of applications is stabilising at the level it was before the tuition fees were introduced. Introducing the tuition fees in 2017 halved the number of applications, but the situation was restored the following year, and the growth continued this year.

– It is delightful that the applicants represent almost one hundred different nationalities, which means that our programmes attract applicants from around the world. We have increased the visibility of the University’s international Master’s degree programmes in the marketing portals and with student ambassador activities. Already during this application round, there are prominent positive signals on the productiveness of international student ambassador activities even though this is just the pilot phase of the ambassador activities, enthuses Kähkönen.

– During this spring, the ambassadors will guide those receiving study places based on their own experiences, which will hopefully help the applicants to commit to their study place and make them feel welcome to study at our University, continues Kähkönen.

> The Master's degree programmes of the University of Turku which were open for application in the 2018–2019 application round

Created 05.02.2019 | Updated 05.02.2019