Professor Kari Lukka was awarded the 2022 Anthony G. Hopwood Award for Academic Leadership


The European Accounting Association (EAA) has awarded Professor Kari Lukka alongside Professor David Cooper (University of Alberta and Edinburgh University) with the 2022 Anthony G. Hopwood Award. The award is presented to recognize academic excellence as well as academic leadership.

Kari Lukka is a professor at the department of accounting and finance and is an internationally esteemed researcher. Kari’s publications cover a broad range of management accounting, accounting theory and methodology topics.

According to the official announcement by the EAA:

“Kari has made many contributions to the EAA by his leadership and service for about 40 years. His leadership has taken the form of manifold contributions, including serving as the Editor of the European Accounting Review (2000-2005) and his initiating and managing of the EIASM Conference on “New Directions in Management Accounting: Innovations in Practice and Research” for 20 years. He was also the initiating and founding faculty member of the EDEN doctoral seminar “Case-based research in management accounting” (2003-2015). In addition, he was also a member of the (founding) Management Committee of the EAA (for two three year-periods from 2005) and Chair of the Publications Committee of the EAA from 2006-2010. Kari has produced a significant body of scholarly work in high-quality journals and monographs, and is serving at the editorial boards of Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Accounting and Business Research, British Accounting Review, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Management Accounting Research and Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management. Kari’s leadership, service and scholarship have always been in the tradition of Anthony Hopwood: To expand the theoretical and empirical foundations and frontiers of accounting to provide broader and deeper understanding of the role of accounting in society. Kari’s research has made significant contributions to describing, explaining and understanding management accounting.”

Created 23.02.2022 | Updated 28.02.2022