Publish OA in Nature Research Journals


Researchers at the University of Turku now have the opportunity to publish open access free of charge in all Nature Research journals, except for the journal Nature Protocols, but including titles that are founded during the agreement period ending December 31, 2024. The FinELib Consortium Agreement is yet to be finalised, but the publisher has already opened up the possibility for open access publishing.

The right to publish applies to original primary research scientific articles by the first listed corresponding author affiliated to the University of Turku. Please note that organisations associated with the Consortium Agreement have a limited number of articles as a pool, which is collectively available during the agreement period. Therefore we cannot guarantee there will be enough free articles to last for the entire agreement period.

The researcher instructions will be published on FinELib's website and in the Discount on APCs section of the Open Access Publishing Guide of Turku University Library as soon as the rest of the details relating to publishing have been verified.

Created 14.06.2022 | Updated 27.06.2022