Researcher in Spotlight: Maryna Manteghi


The Researcher in Spotlight is a series which introduces the researchers of the Faculty of Law. We are presenting now Doctoral Researcher Maryna Manteghi.

Name: Maryna Manteghi
Position in the Faculty of Law: Doctoral Researcher
Degrees: Master’s Degree in International and Comparative Law (University of Turku)
Fields of interest: IP law, copyright and Artificial Intelligence, European law, fundamental rights

Describe your career path. What led you to where you are today?

My journey to becoming a doctoral researcher in law was sparked during my master's thesis writing when I discovered a true passion for research. This led me to pursue further education and a role as a doctoral researcher. I'm captivated by the process of writing academic texts and conducting detailed and comprehensive examinations of various topics related to Intellectual Property law. Specifically, I'm enthusiastic about contributing to the field of copyright law in the age of AI. My aim is to create impactful work that bridges gaps, sparks discussions, and offers fresh insights to shape the future of this dynamic legal arena.

Maryna Manteghi in Calonia Library
Maryna Manteghi’s aim is to create impactful work that bridges gaps, sparks discussions, and offers fresh insights.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on my doctoral project. This dissertation is a comprehensive research study covering all aspects of balancing the EU’s regulation of text and data mining (TDM). Due to the immense potential of TDM to foster innovation across various domains, the current legal research aims to assist legislators in achieving a more sustainable future for TDM that would increase the innovation and research power of the EU. Moreover, the research is also valuable for other stakeholders including lawyers, academic scholars, and law students as the study brings them up to speed with the latest developments in copyright and database law, along with the prospective steps ahead. 

Have your interests evolved since finishing your studies?

Absolutely, my interests have indeed evolved since the completion of my studies. Today, while my core passion for the interaction between IP and technology remains steadfast, I find that my interests have not only endured but have also flourished. In fact, they have taken on new dimensions. I am now deeply engrossed in exploring the dynamic interrelationship between copyright law and artificial intelligence. This expanded focus mirrors both the evolution of technology and the ever-shifting legal landscape.

Maryna Manteghi kahvilapöydän ääressä Caloniassa

Manteghi draws inspiration from being able to share her knowledge to benefit others.

What would you be, if you were not a researcher?

If I were not a researcher, I would probably continue practising law. Additionally, I might explore opportunities as a legal translator or writer, contributing to the accessibility of legal information and fostering a better understanding of complex legal matters among a wider audience.

What inspires you?

Well, I find inspiration from various sources. The idea of sharing my knowledge to benefit others and contributing to the development of EU copyright law is a strong driving force. Moreover, the possibility of working under the supervision of the distinguished and renowned Professor Tuomas Mylly is truly inspiring. His invaluable guidance and unwavering support have been instrumental in my successful pursuit of the Doctoral Programme. Yet, perhaps my greatest wellspring of inspiration is my beloved husband and my adored family. Their unwavering support and belief in me serve as a great source of inspiration. I am committed to honouring their faith by tirelessly striving to repay their support and encouragement through my academic endeavours. As a Ukrainian, I also draw inspiration from the brave people of my country who are willing to die for their democracy and independence. Glory to Ukraine!

Created 04.09.2023 | Updated 05.09.2023