Senior researcher Matti Lappalainen has been appointed as a Board member to ICED


The Board of ICED. In the left Matti Lappalainen from the University of Turku.

​The organisation consists of the national educational development networks of universities. From Finland the member is Peda-forum –network. 

Before his post in the board Matti Lappalainen has been a representative of Peda-forum in the Council of ICED for 10 years. He sees these roles in an international organisation as an important opportunity for educational development. 

– It´s possible to share Finnish experiences, which are very much appreciated. At the same time it´s of course possible to learn from other systems, for example about the ways the national educational development organisations are functioning.

International Consortium for Academic Development promotes educational and academic development in higher education world wide. The organisation's own journal International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD) is published by Routledge four times a year. 

ICED also organises a biannual conference. This year it was organized in Atlanta. Among the themes in the conference were learning analytics, transnational education and the impact of professional training programmes, which was also the topic of Lappalainen´s presention.

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>> International Consortium for Educational Development

Created 24.08.2018 | Updated 28.08.2018