Shruti Jain and Sachin Kochrekar in Millennium Pitching Contest final on 19 May


University of Turku doctoral candidates Shruti Jain and Sachin Kochrekar are two of the five finalists in the pitching contest organised as part of the Millennium Innovation Forum 2021 programme. The theme for the event and contest is ”Innovations for a better life”.

Shruti Jain is a doctoral candidate in molecular biotechnology and diagnostics. Her presentation is titled "Nanoparticle based blood test for early detection of cancer". Jain was the winner of the University's Three Minute Thesis (3MT) contest in 2020.

Sachin Kochrekar is a doctoral candidate in materials chemistry and chemical analysis, and his presentation is titled "Carbon dioxide to fuel".

The Millennium Innovation Forum on 19 May 2021 is a virtual conference that gathers frontier innovators, researchers, business pioneers and influencers for discussing and exchanging ideas at the interface of revolutionary future technologies and innovations. The focus of the Forum is on how the research, knowledge and innovation impact the wellbeing and future of our society.

The Forum celebrates the Millennium Technology Prize, which is the world’s most prestigious award for innovations that improve the quality of people’s lives. The 2020 Millennium Technology Prize, one million euros, will be awarded on 18 May 2021.

Created 05.05.2021 | Updated 05.05.2021