The second revised edition of "Lohikäärme, tiikeri ja krysanteemi", the Finnish texbook for studying contemporary East Asia, is now out


”LOHIKÄÄRME, TIIKERI JA KRYSANTEEMI – Johdatus Itä-Aasian yhteiskuntiin”

Authors: Silja Keva (ed.), Annamari Konttinen, Kristian Kurki, Lauri Paltemaa and Sungju Park-Kang

“Lohikäärme, tiikeri ja krysanteemi” provides an introduction to the history of China, South Korea, North Korea, and Japan, and to these coutries’ current most pressing social and economic challenges. The book deals with e.g. the impact of a rapidly aging population in Japan, the specifics of Chinese politics and governance, and the tensions between the two Koreas. In addition, the book highlights the problems of mutual cooperation which is further complicated by historical tensions of East Asia, one of the most dynamic regions in the world.

The book is suitable for all students whether they are interested in international topics and East Asia or starting their studies on East Asia.

The authors work as researchers and teachers at the University of Turku's Centre for East Asian Studies (CEAS), which is Finland's only academic unit that studies contemporary East Asian societies from the social science perspective.

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Lohikäärme, tiikeri ja krysanteemi -kirjan kansi

Created 05.10.2020 | Updated 06.10.2020