Turun yliopisto SHIFTissä

University of Turku at the SHIFT Business Festival 25–26 August 2021


This year, the SHIFT Business Festival is organised in Hotel Kakola, Turku and virtually on the Liveto platform.  The festival’s stage programme focuses on three main programme tracks: Circular Economy, AI & Digital Trust, and Food Tech.

SHIFT Business Festival is a two-day event bringing together change-oriented industry leaders, tech innovators, and investors. The University of Turku is partnering with the event for the sixth time.

The University of Turku follows the main themes of the festival by presenting scientific research, technology, and innovations that aim for a sustainable tomorrow. The University's festival programme is produced together with the Sustainability Agency, Food Tech Platform Finland & Flavoria® Research Platform, and the Photosynthetic Microbes research team.

The University has a booth in the festival area at Hotel Kakola and on the virtual platform Liveto. Check out our programme and come and meet us and discuss collaboration opportunities with the University of Turku! In addition to the programme producers, Business Collaboration Manager Mikko Pohjola, Development Manager Paavo Kosonen, and Entrepreneurship Program Manager Kirsi Peura will also be present.

See you at SHIFT!

  • Sustainability Agency is a research group at Turku School of Economics studying Finnish front-runner companies in circular economy. Their research results highlight that securing a sustainable tomorrow is everyone’s responsibility, be it in professional or private roles. The team has introduced the concept of sustainability agency and is launching a multidisciplinary research handbook during SHIFT 2021.
  • Food Tech Platform Finland is a food-focused research & business network bringing together scientific research, technology, and business professionals to form new business partnerships and growth opportunities, and to speed up the creation of Food Tech innovations, start-ups, and business opportunities.
  • Flavoria® is an innovation platform and a lunch restaurant & cafe combining businesses, scientific research, and consumers. It is also a Food Tech tool that can be used to find solutions to questions related to sustainable development and human well-being. The lunch restaurant is located in the Kupittaa campus area of the University of Turku.
  • The Photosynthetic Microbes research team specialises on and demonstrates research expertise in algal biotechnology and photosynthesis. The team aims to integrate commercial greenhouses with algal cultivation systems to efficiently remove excess nutrients from greenhouse wastewater and produce valuable algal biomass. This approach is a step towards a future of circular bio-economy.

Tickets are available on the SHIFT website.

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