University’s Coronavirus Restrictions End on 30 June


The use of the University's traffic light model for the coronavirus situation ends on 30 June 2022. The traffic light model has defined the level of safety measures at the University.

At the University of Turku, special safe distance and hygiene requirements have still been in force in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. These restrictions will be lifted as the temporary Section 58-c of the Communicable Diseases Act ends on 30 June 2022.

The University has reacted to the coronavirus pandemic from the very beginning and the University’s coronavirus management team has issued guidelines and policies starting from March 2020.

“I wish to thank our University community for their enormous efforts and ability to adapt and change during the pandemic. By acting responsibly together, we have managed to keep the University operational. The coronavirus situation has tested the coping and well-being of many in our community and we might not have yet seen all the effects of the pandemic. The well-being of the community is essential to the University and versatile support services for well-being will be available also in the future,” says Rector Jukka Kola and continues:

“We have taken a great leap in digitalisation and created new methods for working and studying. Meeting in person and working together will certainly be a strong emphasis in all our activities in the autumn and we will use all we have learned during the coronavirus pandemic open-mindedly.” 

As there are still many cases of coronavirus in the regions where the University operates, the personnel and students are encouraged to follow the recommendations of the health officials (Southwest Finland, Satakunta region, National Institute for Health and Welfare), for example:

  • Everyone can still continue to wear a mask according to their own discretion, for example, in indoor spaces where it is difficult to avoid close contacts. Especially those who are not vaccinated and those who have a risk of contracting a severe COVID-19 disease despite vaccinations should consider using a face mask that protects them efficiently (FFP2/3).
  • People who have symptoms of the coronavirus disease are recommended to stay home until the symptoms have disappeared.
  • Get coronavirus vaccinations. They protect from a severe form of disease.
  • If you fall ill, stay home until you are healthy. Perform a home test if necessary.
  • Remember hygiene: hands, face mask, safe distance and ventilation.

The University will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and can issue guidelines and restrictions on activities if necessary. The University community will be notified about any restrictions separately by email.

Please send any further inquiries and questions primarily by email to Please send notifications on coronavirus cases or suspected cases to the University’s Occupational Safety and Health Manager.

Created 22.06.2022 | Updated 22.06.2022