WORK2023 conference in August 2023


WORK2023 provides opportunity for researchers involved in the broad sense in multidisciplinary scientific study of work and its various features in society to share knowledge, research results and new directions in research and practice.

The WORK2023 theme Digital Capitalism: Peril and Possibilities addresses the current key drivers in most contemporary societal changes and in working life. The crucial roles of technologies and digital capitalism have become visible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Technologies have the power to enable development, offer remedies and bring forward mechanisms for sustainable development and equal worth, but in their various forms, technologies may also create, increase and push forward greater inequalities of different kinds. The theme of WORK2023 calls upon papers, posters and presentations to address the topic and related questions in several streams. WORK2023 welcomes papers from a wide variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

Conference is organised by Turku Centre for Labour Studies TCLS, together with the University of Turku. Conference is organised as a hybrid conference on 23-25 August 2023. 

Created 19.12.2022 | Updated 19.12.2022