Coronavirus Infection at Turun normaalikoulu Primary School


A person has been confirmed to have a coronavirus infection at Turun normaalikoulu primary school at Varissuo.

The possible exposures to the coronavirus have taken place at the primary school’s facilities on Thursday, 1 October and Friday, 2 October. The possible exposures have been investigated together with the authorities responsible for communicable diseases. The persons who have been exposed have received a separate notification and instructions to stay in quarantine. The quarantine applies to only a small group of primary school pupils and some adults.

The municipality’s authorities will contact everyone who was exposed to the virus and they will be given instructions on quarantine. In addition, further information has been sent through Wilma to all the school’s pupils, students, and guardians.

Remote teaching will be organised to pupils who are placed under quarantine. Other pupils attend school normally.

Turun normaalikoulu school is the teacher training school of the University of Turku.

In addition to the infection at Turun normaalikoulu school, this week one person has been confirmed to have coronavirus infection at the University of Turku.

More information:
Administrative Principal of Turun normaalikoulu Vesa Valkila
tel. 0400 523 093

Created 07.10.2020 | Updated 07.10.2020