3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Course at the Open University

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing course is organized as online studies 28.8.- 31.12.2023. The studies include also contact teaching at the University of Turku, but participation is voluntary and it may be possible to get recordings of classroom teaching. Lectures will be recorded.

Content of the course

  • The basics of procedures, processes, materials, software and equipment of additive manufacturing (AM, 3D printing).
  • The basic current and future ways of utilization of the technologies in manufacturing industries and production chains.
  • The basics of driving forces of utilization of technologies like the economic aspects, technical performance and potential of additive manufacturing in product design.
  • Practical cases and applications.
  • Future trends and potential of additive manufacturing.
  • Basic practical demonstrations on manufacturing of parts with AM processes.
  • Course has also invited lecturers from industry to provide basic industrial approach to AM and its applications.

After having passed the course the student will

  • be aware of the basic features of current technologies of additive manufacturing (AM, 3D printing) and their role in manufacturing industries,
  • realize the basics of how to utilize the AM in the product design,
  • be able to initially compare different AM processes with conventional manufacturing and select suitable processes for different applications,
  • be familiar with the basic possibilities of additive manufacturing in product development, prototyping and part manufacturing.

Students will learn how to follow the typical basic project of development from idea to ready component with AM technologies.

More information:

> Study Guide

Enrolment for open university studies:

> Enrolment 9.8. - 24.8.2023 (quota 10). Tuition fee 75 €.

Further information:

> Katja Kivistö