Business and Nature course 2 ECTS credits at the Open University

Business and Nature course aims to familiarize the participants with core concepts and topics related to nature-respectful business. The course seeks to provide a general understanding of the dependencies as well as negative and positive impacts that business can have on nature.

The course deals with core concepts, such as biodiversity, ecosystem services and natural capital. During the course, the participants will become familiar with the main drivers of nature loss, and possible ways for firms and individuals to address these challenges through business strategy and business models, supply chain management, consumption, as well as systemic transformation and leadership.

After the course, the participants are expected to have a general understanding of the dependencies and impacts that business can have on nature, and of firms’ and individuals’ possibilities to drive change for a nature-respectful world.

Business and Nature course is organized by Turku School of Economics. The course is part of the major in Management & Organization. The course is also one of the possible courses of the Studies on Responsible Business Management (25 ECTS). For students of the University of Turku, the course is also available in Sustainable Development Studies (KEKO).

Anyone interested can participate in the course at the open university. Tuition fee is 30 euros. A basic understanding of sustainable business based on prior studies or professional experience is beneficial. 

Online course 8.1. - 31.7.2024

The course can be studied independently. It incolves assignments and quizzes on Moodle.

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> Enrolment 8.1. - 9.6.2024 (See in English)

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Contact: Henna Virtanen