Ye Tian profile picture
PostDoctoral Researcher, Food Sciences
Docent, Department of Life Technologies
D.Sc. (Tech), Postdoctoral researcher


Areas of expertise

Plant secondary metabolites
Food side-stream valorization
Liquid chromatography
Mass spectrometry


Docent D.Sc. Ye Tian is working as a Post-Doc researcher in Food Sciences unit, Department of Life Technologies, Faculty of Technology, University of Turku.

He has years’ experiences in the field of bioactive compounds of natural sources. His expertise includes: 1)  plant secondary metabolites and their influencing factors (biological, environmental, or food processing) and 2) bioprocessing of plant-based foods/food side-streams (specialized in the effect of bioprocessing on plant bioactive components).


  • Co-supervisor of MSc/MSc (Tech.) theses
  • Supervisor of visiting researchers


  • Anti-nutrients control and value addition of side-streams from food industry
  • Bioactive compounds of varying natrual sources
  • Effects of bioprocessing and storage condition on bioactive compounds in foods/food side-streams
  • Effect of plant genotypes on their phytochemical profiles


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