A child and two adults playing together.

Research on Well-being of Children and Young People in the Thematic Collaboration

At the center of the Children, Young People and Learning thematic collaboration is a human being and human life course. The aim of the research and education is to enhance understanding and support children and young people as responsible actors and capable makers of a sustainable future. 

Well-being of children and young people are studied in Children, Young People and Learning thematic collaboration for example in the following projects:

Life-courses of Children and Young People

Amiksesta yliopistoon

Children of Immigrants, Language and Integration across Europe CILIE

Hollowing Out of Public Education Systems? Private Actors in Compulsory Schooling in Finland, Sweden and New Zealand (HOPES)

Higher education graduates’ employability and social positioning in the labour market 2018-2022 (HighEmploy)

Koulutusjärjestelmät, oppiminen ja yhteiskunnallinen muutos EduSys

Köyhyyden ja osattomuuden kertomattomat kokemukset Turussa 1800-luvulta nykypäivään

Lasten maailmat - Children's worlds

Life-course Dynamics of Educational Tracking

Life-course experiences, intergenerational processes, and child well-being and development

Nuorten tulevaisuuskuvat 2067

Oppilasvalikointi kaupunkikouluissa

Perhepalveluiden ja lastensuojelun sosiaalityön asiantuntijuus monikulttuurisessa ja transnationaalisessa toimintaympäristössä

Sukulaisuussuhteet, sukupolvet ja elämänkulku KinCross

Passion and Emotion in Finnish Secondary Schools

The Rights of Children and Young People

Actors, Structures and Law 2015-2019 ASLA

Legal Literacy in Finland 1750-1920

Resilient schools and the education System RESCUE

If you like your project to be included in the listing, please send a message to the thematic group Children, Young People and Learning thematics-cyl@utu.fi.