Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science (DPNurs)

The Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science (DPNurs) provides systematic doctoral education in the field of the nursing science. DPNurs educates high-level researchers and experts in nursing science who promote innovative and scientifically competent research in different fields of nursing science, nursing and health care.

The Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science is well known for its research and education both nationally and internationally. It is an integral part the University of Turku Department of Nursing Science which is among the best corresponding units in Finland and Europe. Doctoral candidates are involved in the national and international nursing and health science community, where the Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science has strong integration.

DPNurs is part of five networks of doctoral education in nursing science, which offer wide selection of doctoral education. The Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science is part of the Finnish Doctoral Education Network in Nursing Science which covers all the Finnish universities providing doctoral education in nursing science.


Director of DPNurs:
Professor Riitta Suhonen
Coordinator of DPNurs:
PhD Maiju Kannisto

Steering Committee 1.8.2021- 31.7.2025

Riitta Suhonen, Professor, Director of the Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science (Chair of the Board)

Anna Axelin, Associate professor, Department of Nursing Science
Katja Joronen, Professor, Department of Nursing Science
Mari Kangasniemi, University Research Fellow, Department of Nursing Science
Leena Salminen, Professor, Department of Nursing Science
Tapio Salakoski, Dean, Faculty of Science
Päivi Rautava, Professor, Public Health
Terhi Utriainen, Professor, Professor, Study of Cultures, Faculty of Humanities
Tuija Lehtikunnas, TYKS Hospital director of nursing at Hospital District of Southwest Finland
Johanna Nyman, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Nursing Science, 1.8.2021-31.7.2023
Secretary: Maiju Kannisto, Coordinator, Research Career Unit

Funded doctoral candidate positions


The following applicants have been selected for the UTUGS funded doctoral candidate position in the Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science:

Narsakka, Noora

12 months 2021, 12 months 2022, 12 months 2023, 12 months 2024

Mustonen, Reetta

6 months 2021


Reserve positions (2021):

1.    Mustonen, Reetta, 6 months
2.    Gustafsson, Noora, 12 months
3.    Saarikko, Johanna, 12 months
4.    van Dongen, Lisa, 12 months
5.    Peltonen, Johanna, 12 months
6.    Ryhtä, Iina, 4 months
7.    Soikkeli-Jalonen, Anu, 12 months

The reserve list is valid for the year 2021.

Sitaatti PhD DPNurs Rannikko 6
DPNurs offers a possibility to do the doctoral degree in an international and inspiring atmosphere, and not forgetting the empowering supervision and peer support.
Sunna Rannikko, Doctoral Candidate