Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science - for the Doctoral Candidate

Postgraduate studies


Doctor of Health Sciences degree consists of

  • postgraduate studies 40 ECTS
    • general studies 10–20 ECTS
    • discipline-specific studies 20–30 credits ECTS
  • a doctoral thesis and a public defence of the doctoral thesis 200 ECTS.

 The main subject is nursing science.


Courses are provided e.g. by:

  • Doctoral Programme in Nursing Science (DPNurs)
    Courses in the Autumn 2020: 
  1. Ethics in health care and nursing research, 5 ECTS, 7.-9.10.
  2. From research to scientific publication, 4 ECTS, 7.10.2020-20.1.2021
  3. Literature reviews in health sciences, 3 ECTS, 28.10.-9.12.

Courses are also provided by

Also study attainments (courses, seminars) organized by other parties (e.g. other universities, Open University, scientific associations) may be approved as postgraduate studies.


Please give feedback for the courses with an e-form.


See Summer schools webpage


Attendance to postgraduate courses, scientific seminars, conferences etc. which are not automatically marked in the study register can be accepted as part of your postgraduate studies with an electronic form which you find in UGIS portal.

> UGIS portal -> Links -> Apply for study credit / Yksittäisen opintosuorituksen hyväksyntä

Seminars for doctoral candidates

Seminar dates Autumn 2020

21.9. at 10.15–16
22.10. at 10.15–16
19.11. at 10.15–16
17.12. at 10.15–16

Sanna and Anna - Emerita (ICT A5040)
Helena and Mari - Professori (ICT A5053)
Riitta - "Aquarium" (the glass wall room)
Elina and Leena - (19.3. A5059 neuvottelu 2; rooms for the other dates will be announced later)

Seminars of Maritta's group: 9.00
18.9. at 9.00
22.10. at 9.00
26.11. at 9.00
17.12. at 9.00

Seminar instructions are on the Moodle area of postgraduate studies. There you can also return your seminar papers, book a seminar time and inform if you can't attend the seminar.

Dissertation process and graduation

Instructions for dissertation process are in the UGIS portal and the whole process is carried out in the portal.

>UGIS portal

See also instructions at the Faculty of Medicine website.

> DPNurs specific instructions (in Finnish only)