Doctoral Programme in Exact Sciences (EXACTUS)

The Doctoral Programme in Exact Sciences (EXACTUS) is responsible for the doctoral education in applied mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, materials science, mathematics, physics, statistics and theoretical physics.

Under the guidance of distinguished professors and supervisors the EXACTUS provides comprehensive doctoral education in mathematical, physical and chemical sciences.

The Doctoral Programme in Exact Sciences works in collaboration with

Like all the Doctoral Programmes of the University of Turku, EXACTUS is part of the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS).

The UTUGS aims at providing high quality doctoral studies for the duration of four years and offers all the doctoral candidates attentive guidance and support by organising multidisciplinary training on academic topics, transferable skills and career planning.

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EXACTUS Director:
Professor Juri Poutanen

EXACTUS Coordinator:
Coordinator Eevi Savola