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“The research conducted at the University of Turku is ethical and scientifically excellent. Our research has significant impact and meets future global challenges. Close national and international research collaboration strengthens the University’s position among the leading research universities in the world.”
(Strategy 2030 of the University of Turku).

The University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) provides an international research community and a high-quality supervision, with emphasis on supervisors’ expertise and commitment to personalized supervision of doctoral researchers.

There are 16 Doctoral Programmes covering all the disciplines at the University of Turku, with approximately 2,000 doctoral researchers in total from over 70 countries. More than 180 doctoral degrees are completed each year. Study rights for doctoral training are applied through doctoral programmes. The application period for a right to study a doctoral degree occurs twice a year. There are approximately 200 doctoral researchers funded positions which you can apply in the autumn application period.

Application periods

The application periods during the academic year 2023-2024 are

  • 28.8.2023 - 15.9.2023 (study right begins 1.1.2024  + doctoral researcher positions under an employment contract  1.1.2024-31.12.2027).
  • 28.2.2024 - 15.3.2024 (study right begins 1.8.2024).

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Doctoral education pilot programme

The University of Turku is participating in a pilot programme funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture for the years 2024-2027 and implemented by universities. As part of the pilot programme, a call for applications will be published next year for a number of 3-year doctoral researcher positions with employment contracts. The positions will only be open in specific research areas, mainly those covered by the Academy of Finland's Flagship Programmes. New doctoral researchers can apply for these positions. According to the information received by the University of Turku from the Ministry of Education and Culture on 27 November 2023, doctoral researchers whose right to study for a doctoral degree has been granted on 1 November 2023 at the earliest will be considered as a new doctoral researchers in the pilot programme. Those who apply for a right to study for a doctoral degree from one of the University's doctoral programmes in spring 2024 can also apply for doctoral researcher positions with employment contract. Both the call for applications for study rights and the call for applications for doctoral researcher positions with employment contract will be published on the University's website in spring 2024.

Doctoral candidate Armin Nabizadeh
Most of the PhD projects at UTU are in collaboration with other universities all around the world which helps the students build their own networks.
Armin Nabizadeh, Doctoral Researcher

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