A student sits in a cozy cafeteria with a cup of coffee and her phone.

Talk to a current student at the University of Turku

What is it like to live in Finland? Is Turku a nice student city? What can I do on my free time? Where can I eat, and for what price? What are the facilities like? Are the studies difficult? What are the student apartments like?

The UTUambassadors are current international students at the University of Turku who are happy to answer questions about their experiences on studies and student life in Turku, Finland.

Please note that our students can't give you advice on choosing a programme and they will not answer questions about the admissions process, scholarships, admission criteria, application enclosures, or residence permits.

During July and August most of the ambassadors enjoy their well-deserved Summer holidays and are unavailable for a chat on UniBuddy platform. They will be back to talk with you about UTU student life in September!

Please do not send any personal documents or sensitive information via chat. Please also note that designated university staff members are able to view the conversations.