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Cultural diversity, immigration and integration

Cultural diversity is everyday life for more of us. Culturally responsive work practices and two-way integration are needed to promote good social relations in all areas.

The skills of highly educated immigrants must be made available to employment sector as soon as possible, which is best achieved with the support of competent guidance and adequate training opportunities. Proficiency in the Finnish language is an absolute prerequisite for many jobs - in most fields it is the key to build a career and to gain a position, which corresponds to one's education.

    SIMHE - Education and Guidance Services for Immigrants

    SIMHE Services of the University of Turku offers study and career guidance to immigrants on higher education and questions of working life related to it. In addition, SIMHE services include Finnish language courses in small groups and individual training, job search training, and training for language proficiency tests in Finnish. Guidance and courses are provided in personal meetings, in classrooms or via Zoom or Teams.

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