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Spiritual traditions need conceptual updating in order to thrive in today’s world


The American philosopher Ken Wilber has suggested that the great religious traditions provide ways of transcending the modern world-knot of being included in a mechanistic universe, instead of living in a meaningful cosmos. For this function to succeed, the traditions need to update many of their central concepts for the twenty-first century. The PhD study conducted by JP Jakonen, MA, argues that Wilber’s Integral Theory helps spiritual traditions to thrive in the intellectual climate of today’s world by going beyond polarity thinking.  

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European ethnology research is characterised by its wide-ranging understanding of culture and comprehensive humanities-oriented research approach. The field’s research targets vary from local everyday phenomena to the characteristics of current global and especially European transitions and turning points.

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European Ethnology focuses on the study of people and cultures. European Ethnology studies everyday phenomena in history, the present and the future.