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Boundaries between Work and Family Life Disrupted by COVID-19 Pandemic – Increased Childcare Responsibilities Often Shouldered by Mothers


According to mothers’ experiences, the daily life during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in the spring of 2020 blurred the boundaries between work and family responsibilities and roles. Especially in families where the division of childcare responsibilities had been unequal already before the pandemic and where only the mother switched to working from home, the mothers felt that they shouldered the main responsibility for the increased childcare duties.

Social Policy

The research and teaching of social policy subjects focus on basic issues of social policy, such as welfare, security in systems and wellbeing. Research and teaching in the subject is characterized in particular by the use of large quantitative data and internationally comparative research.

Studying in Social Policy

The strengths of the teaching in the Faculty of Social Sciences lie in its comprehensiveness, its breadth, and its sound basis in research. Students learn especially to master various research methods. The degree structure is flexible and offers students a wide range of opportunities.