Turku Eye-tracking Laboratories (Turku EyeLabs)

The Turku EyeLabs multidisciplinary community of researchers organizes methodological training, equipment rental and shares expertise on designing experiments, use of different equipment, and applications of various types of analytical tools. 

A participant in front of an eye tracker, researcher at the back.Research conducted at Turku EyeLabs covers various topics from basic research on cognitive processes to studies about higher-order cognition, such as learning in different domains and contexts. We conduct research across faculty boundaries and bring together researchers with different backgrounds, e.g., psychology, educational sciences, linguistics, and medicine. The laboratories host different eye tracking systems (e.g., Tobii, Eyelink) suitable for both laboratory and field research.

Are you interested in using eye-tracking in your research? Turku EyeLabs coordinators and researchers organize open-to-all meetings and method demonstrations.

Our laboratory facilities can be booked via this electronic form.

Based on the requests, the lab schedule for the spring term is planned in early January and for the fall term in early August. If you are only familiarizing yourself with this method, please first contact one of the Turku EyeLabs coordinators and ask for more information about method training and research collaboration.


  • SR Research eye-trackers: EyeLink 1000+, EyeLink 1000, EyeLink Portable Duo (x3), EyeLink II
  • Tobii eye-trackers: Tobii Pro Fusion,  Tobii Pro X3-120 (x2)
  • Mobile eye-trackers: Tobii Pro Glasses 2, Tobii Pro Glasses 3 (x2), Dikablis Ergoneers Mobile Eye-Tracking System
  • Virtual Reality eye-trackers: HTC VIVE Pro Eye, HTC Vive VR Headset with Tobii Pro VR integration
  • Software: Observer XT, Tobii Pro Lab, E-Prime 2.0, Noldus FaceReader 6, AcqKnowledge, Matlab
  • Other (in collaboration with the Turku Brain and Mind Center at the Department of Psychology): neuronavigated transcranial magnetic stimulator, EEG


Word cloud with biggest words eye movements, reading, infancy.
Keywords in peer-reviewed papers published by Turku EyeLabs researchers in 2021–2022.