Applied Language Studies

At Utuling doctoral programme, you major in applied language studies. We invite applications for doctoral studies.

In order to apply, please contact either the professors responsible for applied language studies, or one of the supervisors in the subject at least one month prior to submitting your application. In your message, attach your CV and a short study plan.

We invite application on the following areas in the field of applied language studies:

  • Multilingualism and language policies
    – multilingualism with individuals
    – multilingualism in communities
    – multilingualism in organisations
    – language policy
    – linguistic landscapes

  • Language revitalisation and new speakers
    – activating a new language
    – language activism

  • Language in society
    – linguistic practices in organisations
    – linguistic practices
    – multiculturalism, identities
    – language and space
    – agency and structures for action
    – identities and identity building

  • Minority languages
  • Social media
    – communication and interaction in social media platforms
    – multimodality

  • Digital/Multimodal literacy

  • Study of interaction

  • Mother tongue and old mother tongues

  • Immigrants and learning heritage languages

  • Learning and teaching second and foreign language
    – vocabulary
    – spoken language
    – formal  and informal langauge learning environments
    – language awareness
    – learner and teacher identities
    – limited language use (e.g. interfaces between translation and using L2)
    – cultural awareness
    – teaching materials
    – language teacher expertise

  • Writing processes and their fluency
    – writing as a process (in L1 and L2)
    – translation as a process
    – text genetics
    – nexus theory (visualisation) applied to producing texts 

– questionnaires
– observation
– elicitation
– narratives
– visual methods
– intearction and discourse analysis
– multimodal analysis
– content analysis
– statistical methods
– triangulation of qualitative and quantitative methods
– keystroke logging programmes (both in language learning and teaching and translation studies)