Studying at the Department of English

Department of English at the University of Turku is multidisciplinary in its teaching and research. Our expertise ranges from modern language studies and discourse analysis to literature, history of linguistics and book history, second language teaching and translation. North American Studies and collaboration with the John Morton Center at our university create a strong basis for cultural studies. 

Studying at the Department of English gives you a unique education in language, culture and communication in one of the world’s largest lingua francas. At Bachelor’s level, you will consolidate your analytical skills in language and gain an understanding of the cultures of the English-speaking world. At Master’s level, you can choose out of three specializations:  

At the university of Turku, we base our teaching on the latest research on the field, and our teachers are experts in their subjects. An innovative research community feeds into an inspiring study environment. Whether you are interested in teaching English, communication skills, latest technology tools, North American Studies or literature, translating or culture at large, you will find interesting courses in our curriculum and a supportive environment to study in. The university offers a wide range of options for minor studies and opportunities for a study period abroad in one of the partner universities of the University of Turku.