Studying at the Department of Gender Studies

Gender studies can be studied as an open minor, hence there is no entrance exam. Students of all Faculties are welcome to study Gender Studies!

Gender studies can also be studied as a major in the Master’s Programme in Gender Studies in English, organised in co-operation with the University of Tampere.

Gender studies is suitable for students who want to advance their critical thinking. All fields benefit from understanding the meanings of gender and sexuality in society and culture, and many governmental, municipal, corporate, media, educational, cultural, and art organisation jobs and positions call for the critical expertise that studying gender studies develops.

Gender studies begins with basic studies, during which the student becomes acquainted with the basic concepts and research questions of gender studies, the discipline’s history, central perspectives and debates, and feminist critiques of science. Subject studies acquaint the student with the epistemological and methodological characteristics of gender studies and advances their knowledge of the discipline’s central themes. Advanced studies further develop knowledge of feminist theories, methodologies, and contemporary debates in the field.

Studying gender studies is multidisciplinary, diverse, and flexible. Most of the teaching happens in small groups, but lectures, independent studying, and online teaching are also used as forms of study. The Department co-operates with the Gender Studies Departments of the University of Tampere and Åbo Akademi University, and Hilma, the University Network for Gender Studies.