Department of Gender Studies

The focal points of gender studies are discourses of gender’s historical, cultural, and social relations. Gender is examined in relation to other identity defining differences, for example, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, race, age, disability, and body size. 

Gender studies is a discipline at the crossroads of human sciences that studies – demonstrates, analyses, and explains – gender and sexuality in culture and society. Gender studies is critical research that challenges gendered divisions of mundane thinking.  These divisions are present in nearly all fields of life. Gender studies can be practised within any research area: humanities, social sciences, legal science, pedagogics, theology, and natural science. 

Gender Studies at the University of Turku is a department under the Faculty of Humanities and its School of History, Culture and Arts Studies. Gender Studies is an open minor to all students at the University.

A Master’s Programme in Gender Studies is also available in English as a major.