Department of German

The Department of German trains language experts and conducts research on language, culture and translation. Our research activities include a wide range of topics, with the German language as  a common denominator. We are also experts in the area of teaching and learning language skills and other skills related to language use

The Department of German prepares you for a world where communications technologies create new ways of interaction and where multilingualism and multiculturalism gain ground due to urbanisation and globalisation. 

The focus of study and research in the department lies on the German language area, which has influenced the history of Finland in multiple ways and given a profound contribution to the Finnish culture. Previously, in the Middle Ages, a crossroads and a meeting place for trading by the Northern-German Hanseatic League, Turku has a rich history with multiple connections to the German culture. Today, the Turku region with its multicultural environment provides excellent opportunities for the study and research of many kinds of linguistic and cultural phenomena.

The multidisciplinary University of Turku provides excellent opportunities for combining study of the German language with studies in other languages or in various other disciplines.

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