Studying at the Department of German

Studies at the Department of German prepares you for many kinds of language expert positions at home or abroad. You can choose a specialization as a teacher, translator or researcher – and by making smart choices among the many minor subjects available you can prepare yourself for a wide variety of career opportunities. Your a profound knowledge of the German language and your ability to understand the culture in the German-speaking area will be an important asset.

Studies at the Department of German lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree and the Master of Arts degree. In your MA studies you can choose one of the following specializations: 

  • programme for teaching and learning languages
  • language expert programme
  • multilingual translation programme

In addition to language skills, your studies at the Department of German bring you a rich understanding of the culture in the German-speaking area as well as many important working-life skills. You can familiarize yourself with a wide variety of research fields and research approaches and develop your ability to acquire and critically apply new knowledge.

In day-to-day teaching, international influences, a strong connection with the working life and the many possibilities provided by modern learning environments help to keep the learning content and the pedagogy interesting and up-to-date.

At the multidisciplinary University of Turku, you have the option to choose your minor subjects from a wide range of options and to tailor your study programme according to your interests and career plans.

As a student of the Faculty of Humanities, you have excellent opportunities to complete a part of your studies abroad. Study abroad may replace some of the courses of the Department of German or add another minor subject to your programme. Also, your studies and the student life provides numerous opportunities for international contacts in Turku as well.