TUCEMEMS: Publications

TUCEMEMS has its own publication series called Crossing Boundaries: Turku Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and the centre also publishes studies in cooperation with other scholarly publishers.

TUCEMEMS has collaborated with the Amsterdam University Press since 2013. Our series Crossing Boundaries: Turku Medieval and Early Modern Studies is a peer-reviewed publication series that traverses different fields of study. The first publication in this series appeared in 2015. More information can be found on the publisher’s webpage.

Crossing Boundaries: an introduction to the series publications

In addition to our own publication series, TUCEMEMS has also published studies in other forums. For instance, the close cooperation between TUCEMEMS and the Historical Association of Turku (Turun Historiallinen Yhdistys) has resulted in the following publications: Turun tuomiokirkon suojissa (2012) and Pohjoinen reformaatio (2016).