TUCEMEMS: Teaching

TUCEMEMS provides a study programme entitled ‘Prehistorical, Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Studies’. It is worth between 25 to 60 ECTS, based on the student’s level of interest in its curricular offerings.

The study module offers students an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the early periods of history, with the languages of these periods, and with the different forms of culture alongside the different research methods commonly used in these areas of research. The study programme covers different historical periods, spanning from prehistory all the way up to the late 18th century.

The study module is open and available to all students who are registered at the University of Turku. The ‘Prehistorical, Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Studies’ programme serves as a good minor subject for students majoring in subjects such as history, art history, religious studies, folklore studies, ethnography, archaeology, philosophy, literary studies, and different languages.

The teaching in this module is provided by the School of History, Culture, and Arts Studies; the School of Languages and Translation Studies; and by TUCEMEMS.

The teaching offered by TUCEMEMS is mainly in Finnish.