Welcome to the Faculty of Law

Calonia, the faculty building, houses a tight academic community in the heart of Turku Campus.

Faculty building Calonia on the map:

Calonia is located at Caloniankuja 3. The main doors are open Mon-Thu 9am-18pm and Fri 9am-16pm.
An easy way to get to the University is to take a bus. A single ticket is 3,00 € including the right to transfer within two hours. There are several lines you can take to get to the University.

Monthly and short-term parking spaces are available in the campus area. Parking permit is needed during Mon-Fri at 8am-4pm. Parking in the campus are is free during other times, with the exception of named parking spaces.
Short-term parking is paid with a mobile phone and the hourly fee is 0,50 €. More information about parking on Turku Campus.

The accessibility of Calonia is good. The main door opens automatically and there is an elevator in the building. There are toilet facilities for disabled in every floor. There are also two parking spaces reserved for disabled people outside the Calonia building.

Wireless network for Visitors:
UTU Visitor is a dedicated open network for visitors.

Lex Café whose opening hours are Mon-Thu 8.00-16.00 and Fri 9.00-14.30 is located in the Calonia building.
There are also several student restaurants with variety of selection in the campus area. The menus and more information about the restaurants.

Visit University attractions:
There are many interesting University attractions that you can visit. Also guided and independent walking tours are offered by the University where you can further explore Turku.